ACCORDING TO MY WORD – The Privilege of the Sons of God

 1 Kings 17:1-4

Elijah was so bold and confident to face King Ahab and declared something and also boasted that what he had said will hold up until he Elijah said otherwise. He stood on his relationship with God and was so sure that his relationship with God will back up his word. There was just no doubt in his mind. God backed up Elijah’s word because of the relationship between them. Because Elijah knew how to use his relationship with God to do extraordinary things.

The spirit word listens to every word that we speak. And they react and respond to what we say. Situations of life also listen to what we speak. So it is important to know what to say at all times. Any response we see is as a result of what we have said or decreed. Any situation we do not address takes over and cause havoc in the life of man.

There are two ways to see every situation we face. Through the physical eyes and through the spiritual eyes. The physical eyes see what is happening per time while the spiritual eyes see things the way God sees them. We must decide to see things not the way the world sees them but based on our reality with God. Our words as children of God carry extra power because when we speak heaven stands at attention to bring what we say to pass.

We are divinely wired to be successful by the words that we speak. This is the redemption right of the sons of God. Jesus passed this right onto us so that we can do exploits on earth. 

Mark 4:39-41

They that know their God will be strong and so exploits. We must have a strong connection with God to be able to change situations with our words. We must have no fear, doubt worries or anxiety in us. A complete and utter faith in God is all we need and this can only be gotten when we get close to our God. 

Whenever our words are spoken there is a contention between the power against what you are speaking and the power that works for what you have spoken. The stronger spirit always wins.

Jeremiah 1:8-10

Do not be afraid of whatever you are going through because they do not have the power to overcome you. God is with you through every challenge of life. You must be conscious of that fact. He has empowered us to have dominion over every challenge with every word of God that we speak. 

Mark 11:23

The scripture can’t be broken. Everything you speak can come to pass only if you don’t doubt what you are saying. No matter how farfetched what you are saying might me, never entertain any doubt and what you say will come to pass.