The Potters Wheel

Potter’s wheel is the drama department of The Lighted Church. As the name implies, we have submitted ourselves to become tools in the hands of God for the direction, correction and edification of The Lighted Church and the entire people of God.

The members of The Potter’s wheel participate in ministering the word of God through plays and dramatic presentations in order to bring closer to us the word of God and its application. This is based on the premise that what the eyes see, the mind retains for longer periods.

We currently have a membership strength of thirteen people and are willing to admit any person who is absolutely convinced that they have a calling in that direction.

What We do

We minister during programs in the church at large and during programs of other departments of the church

We carry out guerilla dramas on streets.

We take invitations from other churches to minister.

Our Vision

We have the vision of raising our members to become who they have been destined to become as tools in the hands of God and also try to inculcate in them the need to put in their best in their calling so as not to limit their acting to the walls of the church.