What makes God who He is, is the power to change the most impossible situations into a beautiful thing. But this power needs our faith to work perfectly. He can turn famine into abundance, and He will use the most unlikely instrument to achieve His purpose.

The mind of man is too minute to comprehend the supernatural powers in God so we need to activate our faith to draw down the power of God.

In every situation we find ourselves we need God’s direction more than our wisdom or knowledge because whatever we think we know will always fail us.

2 Kings 5:1-14

It is important to be sensitive in the spirit so you will not miss out on the destiny helpers God have prepared for you. God does not directly come down to earth to solve our problems but He uses people to do that. He positions destiny helpers at different points in time to bring to pass what He wants to do. Our destiny helpers can be anybody. There are no special characteristics for destiny helpers. And more often than not God uses the most inconsequential to bring about greatness. Destiny helpers are usually naturally the weakest people so that no one will take the glory.