About Pastor (Mrs) Helen Ojei

The second of eight (8) children born to Mr. Geoffrey and Justina Adagbor of Umunede in Delta State, Pastor Helen Ojei is a teacher, mother and a very strong partner to her husband both physically and spiritually, Pastor Helen brings circumspection and discernment, to her husband’s Ministry and a strong prescience to the direction of the church. With a BSc in Public Administration and a grounded knowledge of Information Technology Pastor Helen Ojei is versed with the scriptures and endeavors to be the best in what she does.

Having met and married Charles Ojei at 20 it was easy for her to build her family and the church family together with her life partner. She gave her life to Christ on January 28, 1989. She had gleaned from her life experience knowledge beyond price and being a woman of patience and strong faith, she waited for 15 long years after her first child, Sheila Charles-Ojei to have her God promised son, Charles Chukwunonso Charles-Ojei in 2001The blessings of the elderly don’t come faint as Pastor Helen carries the blessings of her late father and her late mother-in-law both of whom had previsioned for her abundant blessings in her marriage and her ministry as recompense for her compassionate care of both of them on their sick beds.

From “farmer” to “forbearer-for-Christ”, Pastor Helen lives a life without compromise constantly praying that the fear of the Lord will reside in her throughout her life. She works hard as Vice President of her husband’s companies, as co-Pastor of The Lighted Church, and as mother. She’s a homemaker per excellence. As a wayshower, she astutely leads the women of The Lighted Church and drives them to a life of total submission to their husbands as heads of their families. As she ministers in her Tuesday morning interdenominational fellowship, Victory in the Light, it is obvious that the Word, the Grace, the Wisdom and the Deliverance of God abideth in her.