John 14:16-17

Everything we see on the physical is controlled in the realm of the spiritual. Same way every human being can be controlled in the spirit realm. Everything that happens to us is somehow connected to the spiritual. 

The spirit controls the physical.

The world is going through a lot of challenges, so we need to work with the Holy Spirit to be able to triumph. 

Jesus while He was on earth worked with the Holy Spirit. All that He did then was achieved by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

John 5:30

The Holy Spirit was speaking to Him per second, and all that He did was done as directed by the Holy Spirit.

As believers in Christ, we are privileged to have The Holy Spirit to control us. He has His principles that we must follow so that we will be on the right path to success.

The Holy Spirit is very gentle and will not force himself on us. We have to give Him the permission to take His place in our lives and direct all that we do. In Him is the success of all things.

We can overcome all the challenges of life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our journey of greatness starts when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. God works through the power of the Holy Spirit in us to give us victory.

Ephesians 3:20

All our struggles will cease if we understand the power of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to come into our lives and take charge of all that concerns us. He will give us directions and instructions. 

The Holy Spirit is the secret power of every Christian. 

  • In The Holy Spirit lies all that we need to succeed in life
  • The Holy Spirit makes the ordinary become extraordinary.
  • The dependence on the Holy Spirit helps us to live extraordinary lives on earth.
  • You can’t live a successful life without the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • If you live a regimented life, you can’t work with the Holy Spirit.