Ephesians 6:10-18

We are in a wrestling contest. It is a reality that every child of God wrestles with the devil. We wrestle daily with the powers of darkness.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are victorious, we can overcome every challenge that might come our way, yet we wrestle daily. But we do not wrestle from the place of defeat but from a place of victory because of what Jesus has won for us. We are not wrestling to have victory but rather we are wrestling to stop the enemy from affecting the victory we already have.

The enemy could not stop our salvation, so he fights daily to ensure that we do not manifest the victory we already have so he wrestles with us to stop the manifestation of that victory. The victory we have can only be enjoyed when it is manifested.

By His death and resurrection, Jesus had taken away all our sickness, poverty, backwardness, stagnation, and every challenge that can be found in the world. He has passed that victory unto us, so we are expected to live free of those challenges. We must live with the knowledge and understanding that all the good things of life are ours by virtue of our sonship through Jesus. And we must be ready to fight the enemy to make sure all these become reality in our lives.

To be able to stand against the attacks from the devil, to be able to defeat him and be victorious, we must put on the whole amour of God. We must be strong and very spiritual.

Christianity is a way of life for our victorious living. It is a lifestyle. It’s God’s kingdom culture. We have our ways of doing things based on scripture. We are expected to STAND to be able to withstand the evil day. Stand on your belief in God. Be focused on God and all that He can do. Take your eyes off the devil and be focused. Standing entails doing away with every fear. Stand with truth, righteousness, the word of the spirit, and with prayers. When you put on the whole Armour of God, you become unshakeable. Stand on your solid conviction of who you are. The devil cannot stand a standing principle. When you are focused on what you want to be, the devil cannot stand you.

Psalm 46:10

When you stand, you will defeat the devil, he will not have anything against you, he will not be able to manipulate you, and you will experience victory and get all that the Lord has preplanned for you.