John 6:14-15

Jesus ran away from distractions that will alter His ultimate divine destiny. He refused to allow the people crown Him an earthly king because that was not the purpose for His life. The purpose for His life was to become the king of the whole world and not just a king of a particular set of people.

Everyone in life desires to be great and be recognized. But are we willing to find out what God actually wants us to be? As much as what we are pursuing in life looks good and desirable, is that what God wants for us. We must learn to begin to enquire from God what His desires and purposes for our lives are.

Philippians 2:5-11

What people want from you might never be the purpose of God for your life. And the purpose of God is always the best for our lives. And that is essentially what God will reward you for. So we must ascertain what purpose God has for us. Locate your purpose so you can live your best life.

For you to know what your purpose in life is, you must ask God because He alone holds the manufacturer’s manual. As you passionately continue to ask God, He will reveal it to you. We are not created for ourselves but to give God glory so everything we do in life should be done to please God. 

I Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 14:7-10

Our purpose in life in this context is not necessarily the business side of your life. Your purpose here is talking about what God has called you to do to promote His kingdom. There is something He has placed inside of you that He wants you to use to promote the work of God and reconcile men back to Him.

There are many forces fighting against your realizing your purpose but you must resist them;

  1. The devil – The Devil does not want you to fulfil your purpose because he does not want you to depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of light.
  1. The society _ The society does not want you to fulfil your God given purpose in life. They want you to enjoy worldly things and not focus on God’s direction. They want you to enjoy the easy life against the will of God.
  2. Marriage – Being married to the wrong person who will not allow you to fulfill your purpose. Wrong marriages can distract you from achieving God’s purpose for your life. The devil can send a very beautiful lady or a handsome man to your life for the very purpose of destruction. We can see how Christians are being yoked with unbelievers and the end is distraction and the inability to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.
  1. Wrong doctrine and prophesy – Wrong doctrine and prophecy is another forces that distract Christians from fulfilling their purpose on earth. They lead you astray and you don’t know that you have derailed from God’s agenda for your life.
  1. Wrong location – 5. Wrong location is another force that can limit you from fulfilling purpose. God asked Abraham to live his father’s house to move to a land that is filled with milk and honey. The obedience of Abraham by moving from his father’s house made him a great nation. He would have died a no body if he remained in Ur.
  1. Trials of life – Challenges in life can make you compromise your faith and deviate from God’s purpose for your life. There is always trials when you are on the course of fulfilling destiny.
  2. Bad influence – 7. Bad influences from bad friends will make you deviate from God’s purpose for your life

What Can you do to overcome these forces of distractions?

  1. You must do away with people who try to distract you from fulfilling God’s purpose in your life.
  2. You must resist the devil and his cohorts and they will flee from you.
  3. You must have discernment spirit to hear clearly from God and not the devil.
  4. Motivational speakers whose doctrines are not in line with your God given purpose must be rejected.
  5. Ability to say NO when bad information and bad friends are coming your way. You must stand for what is right and follow God’s direction even if it will cost you things.

For you to be able to resist all these forces you must first recognize your purpose in life.