Since creation, God has desired and perfectly put in place all it will take for His people to live in affluence and in all-round prosperity. He wants them to live as kings and princes of this world; to build goodly houses, gather gold as dust, have dominion over all creation on earth, live to a good old age full of riches and honour as well as leave an inheritance, not just for their children, but also for their children’s children establishing generational wealth…

*Our Lord Jesus, as part of redemption package removed the power from the enemy to control or manipulate our destiny thereby giving us access to Eden to posses what originally belonged to us…

*By prophesy, God said that the wealth taken from the righteous by the unrighteous should be fully restored back to the original and rightful owners and this will be in what He calls the days of His jewel. The day has come and has come to stay for the redeemed to take what belongs to them. This situation will become a wheel to usher in the soon-coming King, our Lord and Master, Jesus the Son of the living God…

*After his fall, man lost his original place with God so princes began to walk upon the earth while servants were found riding upon horses (Ecclesiastes 10:7). So, for a long time, Princes (God’s people) have been walking while the servants have been riding…

*Now is the time for financial empowerment for the Kingdom when God’s people will receive deliverance from the bondage of poverty and begin to possess their possession.

* Now is our time to take over the hidden riches of the kingdom for kingdom purposes to the glory of God!

* Now is the time to sharpen our skills by employing spiritual principles to improving our products and services. We owe it to future generations to be provoked to improve our methods so as to inherit our Kingdom wealth here on earth. EXPLOITS teaches business improvements that benefit everybody according to our covenant.

*EXPLOITS empowers people to move from grass to grace by learning and applying the Kingdom Wealth Principles. This scriptural reference is from Daniel 11:32 ‘…the people that do know their God shall be strong and they shall do EXPLOITS.’

EXPLOITS is not a forum for the display of human intelligence on the challenges of the economy. It is not an avenue for the impartation of human wisdom for wealth creation. It is a forum for unveiling God’s mystery of attracting wealth. Human intelligence and the impartation of human wisdom for wealth creation could be found in EXPLOITS expositions but they are not given places of prominence. For details and further enquiries, please contact:

EXPLOITS Secretariat:
38A Ajanaku Street
Awuse Estate, Opebi-Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234.1.774.2554,
Email: exploits@thelightedchurch.org

What EXPLOITS is, is the unveiling of God’s mystery for His wealth attraction. It is based on God’s timeless covenant with His people. Since God is constant, it only works by God’s people identifying their own part in the covenant and keeping them and strictly following Gods laid down principles for kingdom wealth. This is what made Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon and Jabez rich. This is the same covenant principle that made all that were rich in God to be what they were. It is still available to all.

This principle does not just make you rich, but gives you access to riches that out live you; for by covenant, a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

THE MANDATE SCRIPTURE : DEUTERONOMY 8:16-18 “…But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant, which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”

* The experience of the people of Israel paints a picture of how God prospers and makes His people wealthy. It was not by their power or their might or their know-how (it is more of attraction than creation); but it was God that empowered them to become as wealthy in keeping with His COVENANT.

* Looking at the wealth of Israel: They were slaves, nobodies, the oppressed, the reproached, those without hope for the future; those whose bests were determined by man. But when God visited them, in a short time they became affluent.

* There is power behind this. God gives the power and not necessarily the wealth; He empowers His people to make wealth because His power is His ability and His ability is without limits but man has to draw from it.

* This power can be acquired through knowledge and that is what EXPLOITS principally addresses. This is called Kingdom Wealth Principles (KWP)

Our work at EXPLOITS is to:
Recognize and pursue the vision;
Teach Kingdom Wealth Principles (KWP);
Listen to speakers with proven testimonies as practitioners of the Covenant of Wealth;
Connect with the Kingdom: meeting, interfacing with and lifting one another in business;
Expound Kingdom investment and the concept of fertile ground; and
Encourage Kingdom partnership
Organize and host workshops:
• Guide participants through capital market investments;
• Provide knowledge for business facilities acquisition including trainings on due diligence;
• Help with the basic principles of business start-ups;
• Impart and develop investment concepts;
• Help in business restructuring and repositioning;
• Expose the basic principles of wealth management and sustainability;
• Enlighten and interpret the place of ICT in business;
• Entertain questions and answers from workshops

Exploits-The Business Seminar
We launched in 2004 and would have had 20 Seminars by the end of 2009. From themes such as ‘Power to God’s Wealth’, ‘God’s Will in Business’, ‘Money of God’, ‘Investments and Returns on Investments’ through upscale thesis and thoughts like ‘Teachings for Profiting’, ‘Experiencing God’s Rest in Business’, ‘The Growing Business’ and ‘Making the Difference in Difficult Times’ Exploits has in five years and 20 events used the teachings of the Bible to promote commonsense, wisdom and integrity as the hallmark of any business that aspires to Kingdom wealth.

In 1992, we organized an outreach programme in a church I was at that time and we had to look for money to put it together but I discovered I had no money to make a meaningful contribution. It bled my heart and I began to realise the importance of money for the spread of the gospel so I prayed, “God prosper me so that I will have money to finance your gospel”.

He said, “It is there already”. You need to key into the principle. When I began to practice the principles, He began to prove Himself faithful.

We have therefore the Covenant of Wealth. Our wealth in God is by covenant. And God keeps His covenants. In covenant, the parties involved must have to play their parts or complete their own part or fulfil their own part of the covenant for the covenant to be active and yield the expected result.

In our covenant relationship with God in the area of wealth, we must know that God is constant and we are usually the variable. God cannot lie (He is not man that He should lie). God cannot break His covenant (my covenant will I not break).

God cannot be limited and He does everything He says He will do. He keeps His side of the covenant. Man needs to know and learn to keep their own side for man to have the expected result from God.

Empowering the church to make wealth (it is to be attracted more than created)

Raises people who will acquire God’s wealth for God’s kingdom purposes (from God to God)