That we go through any challenges is not evidence that the helper is not with us. It’s just an avenue to magnify the great God we serve.

The Holy Spirit is where we get the power to live a successful Christian life. There is no other way. It is only through Him that we live the Zoe life that God has promised us. The Zoe life is what enables us to live the God kind of life even in our human form.

This kind of Zoe life is enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. He will live inside of us if we consciously invite Him in and work with Him daily.

We must not undermine the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that we will not live a life of struggle. The Holy Spirit is a person, the mystery of God. He is not a thing neither is he inanimate. He is a living breathing person.

Most believers do not know the power that lies in the Holy Spirit and the fact that with Him we can triumph over every challenge and live a supernatural life even here on earth. 

One of the things the Holy Spirit does for us is to teach us the truth. He is our helper, but we must know Him as such to benefit from Him. In trouble, we must naturally seek the help of the Holy Spirit. 

The confidence of a believer comes from the fact that the Holy Spirit is our helper and willing to help us out of every challenge of life. The more you know Him the more confident you become no matter what the people around you are saying about your situation. 

Psalm 82:5-6

God has made us God’s because He has put His spirit inside of us. We can determine what happens in our lives. If we have the Holy Spirit living and working in us to chicken our physical bodies to act as God over the things that concern us.

This ability comes from knowledge of the fact that He will work with us if we allow Him. He doesn’t force Himself on us. 

Philippians 3:10, Ephesians 1:18-21

We need to know Jesus and the power that He has made available to us through His death and resurrection. The power that enabled Him to defeat death. Our prayer should be to know Jesus and the power that enabled Him to do great and mighty things when He was on earth.

You must be filled with the Holy Spirit of God in order to put away all other spirits. And hold on to Him diligently so that He can work with you to overcome all other demonic spirits. You must personally know Him for yourself.