2 Kings 7:1-20


Fear stops people from getting to their potential. It makes it impossible for one to take a step of faith. Most times what we fear is just in our imagination. It is not in existence. But you won’t know this until you move. Why sit or stand at a spot?


In the midst of calamity there is a ray of hope and only those who are tuned to God in the spirit will see that ray. In the time of challenges of the world only the risk takers make headway. You must decide to make a move regardless of what risks involved. You will not overcome until you make a move. Stop procrastinating.


We have a covenant of prosperity with God and if we not sensitive we will be like the rest of the world. God has a plan to provide for His people in times of scarcity. They that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.


Inasmuch as God has perfected the plans to provide for His people, He needs a vessel to use. He needs people that will take a step in spite of their seeming inadequacies. He needs us to make a move and stop delaying. Start that small thing and God will magnify it. It is time to make that movement. Take a chance. Your weakness is God’s opportunity.


1 Corinthians 1:26-29


God uses the weak and not so noble to do great and nighty things. God is looking for the weak to use. He is looking for your lack of experience, He is looking for those who have been rejected; He is looking for them to make great things out of them. He is looking to use them to do supernatural things. He is looking to bring them from nothing to plenty.