Psalm 121:1-2

For us to live an extraordinary life in this world and also end well we must hook up to God. Of course He uses humans to help us but ultimately our help comes from God.

We all need help as long as we live in this world. No one is all sufficient. We need help from one another all the time.

The above scripture shows God as our helper who offers help to us because of His love for us. His help is not like the help of man. When a man helps you he never lets you forget but the help from God is such that it is done without Him expecting a reward from us.

We should learn from the lives of people who have succeeded so we can pattern our lives towards theirs. There is no success story without failure. The difference between a successful man and an unsuccessful man is that a successful man rises when he falls while an unsuccessful man stays where he has fallen.

The present times are very challenging and we need the help of God to be able to succeed. We must continually exercise faith in every area of our lives. And in looking up to God we don’t always have to itemize our needs. Because He knows all our daily needs, we should continuously ask God for His help. He is the source of our help.

Psalm 34:19

Challenges in life abound. That God delivered us from trouble today does not mean that we won’t have problems tomorrow. But as many as the afflictions of life might be, God will deliver us from them all. As long as you stick to God as your helper, He will always help you.

We are overcomers if we always go to God in times of trouble. This is a secret of success in these challenging times.

Isaiah 26:3

Don’t be a user. Don’t just use God only when you are in need and turn away from Him when you don’t have any challenges. Learn to constantly keep your eyes on God whether you are in need or not. Live a life of total dependence on God. This practice will keep God close to you at all times. This is the secret to constantly overcome all your challenges.