Luke 5:1-11

Why does God do what He does? How does He choose the people He chooses to bless? He doesn’t have an explanation or apology to anyone as to why He does what He does. 

Luke 1:26-31, John 5:1-9

It is favour that makes God choose whom He wants to bless. He singles out people because of FAVOUR. 

Lamentation 3:19-24

The mercy of God is what sustains believers. It would have been worse for us if not for the mercy of God. And God’s mercy is always available because He renews it every morning. This knowledge should give us hope even in the darkest moments of our lives.

There are three words that a child of God should not joke with. We should seek proper revelations about these three words;

  1. Grace: The grace of God comes into play when we are weak and do not know what to do. God superimposes His abilities unto us to make us move on even in our toughest moments.
  2. Favour: This means something done out of goodwill rather than judgment. Choosing to do something for someone just for the sake of doing it. God favours us because of His goodwill and not because of anything we have done.Mercy: It is because of God’s mercy that we are not consumed by the enemy. His mercy works even when we are not aware of it. 

Mercy is what comes in between the plan of the enemy and intervention in our lives even when the enemy has the power and right to consume us. God stands in between the power of the devil and His children. No one can be as righteous as God wants us to be so His mercy has been put in place to help our weaknesses. The mercy of God bridges the gap between our weaknesses and God’s righteousness.

Favour and Grace sit on Mercy. Mercy is our last hope when everything breaks down. It operates even when the sinner is not looking for help. It is reserved for the sinner and the weak as God chooses. It is God’s joker when all else fails. We can’t ever be as righteous as God wants us to be so His mercy covers our sin.

Mercy is the choice of God. Mercy does not come because of anything we have done. God’s mercy can never be earned. He gives mercy to those who do not deserve it. His mercy looks beyond our sins and helps us regardless.

Romans 9:11-18

When mercy comes, sin is never considered. It is not by our power, righteousness, qualifications, background or whatever we think we possess. It is by God’s mercy. He chooses whom He wants to have mercy upon and changes their circumstance. 

Our salvation is just because of the mercy of God. We were sinners but God chose to draw us to Himself. We were born again because of the mercy of God. 

We must learn to start saying mercy prayers. It is the most powerful prayer a Christian can make. It is also the most humbling prayer. You are bringing the totality of the righteousness of God into your filthiness. God can’t resist the prayer of mercy because His compassion never fails.