2 Chronicles 16:7-9

God is actively seeking people through whom He can demonstrate His power by solving their problems. His eyes roam the earth, looking for those who are willing to position themselves to receive His intervention. Every challenge we face is an opportunity for God to show His strength, and He is committed to helping us overcome our obstacles for His glory. However, our ability to receive from God depends on how we position ourselves. We should not fear challenges, as they cannot defeat us if we handle them with faith and wisdom.

2 Chronicles 14:1-12

When we face battles in life, we should call upon God for help, rather than relying on our own strength or seeking solutions from others. Our complete trust should be in God, as He alone can determine the best way to solve our problems.

Deuteronomy 8:11-18

Ecclesiastes 7:14 

We are reminded to always remember God’s past faithfulness. Just as He has done great things for us before, He is able to do them again. When we recall God’s past deeds, it strengthens our faith and gives us the endurance to wait for His new blessings.

Be encouraged to trust in God’s power and faithfulness, to position yourselves to receive His blessings, and to remember His past goodness as we face challenges in life.