2nd Chronicles 16:7-9

God’s eyes are always on us, looking for people He will use to showcase His might. Those who will totally depend on Him, put their trust and confidence in Him when they are weak. Those people He will not fail to deliver. He will definitely demonstrate His powers and abilities through their victory over situations. The ways of God are not complicated. They are so simple and because of that the natural mind cannot comprehend it.

We must be completely dependent on God. That’s the only way we can get the best of Him. We can’t put our minds on God and at the same time look up to a man to help us. We must be totally focused on God. Only He reserves the right to solve our problems any way He chooses. He wants our help to come ONLY through Him. He will never associate Himself with anything that is not solely from Him.

God has principles about everything He does. He is not an emotional God. As long as you obey all the principles of God you will have the best of Him. And He cannot be deceived. He can see the heart of man.

God is still earnestly searching for people that He will use to showcase His glory. He is looking for a particular set of people;

  1. Those people must be ready to go the extra mile for Him.
  2. Those who will love Him unconditionally.
  3. Those who will worship Him for who He is and not for what He will do for them.
  4. Those who will serve and worship Him even when it looks as if their prayers are not being answered.
  5. Those who will follow Him even at the cost of their lives.

That your heart is perfect towards God doesn’t mean that you are a perfect human. It only means that you are completely sold out to God and love Him with all your heart. That even when you sin, you will pick up yourself, ask God for forgiveness, and continue your walk with him.

The one who’s heart is perfect towards God is 100 percent sold out to God.

God is waiting for you to reposition yourself in 2024. You must not be left behind. With the turbulence in the world and with the world trying to adulterate the word of God, God is still looking for those who will be totally sold out to Him. When you seek God, you will find Him but when you search for God with your whole heart you will always excel without struggling. Searching for God is not in the mountain, it’s not in the valley. God is right there where you are.