Who are we as The Lighted Church?

You flourish where you are planted but you must understand everything about where you are planted. Knowing who you are will help you be comfortable to be who you are.

The Lighted Church has all it takes to be great and produce great people. And will be used by God to fulfill the purpose of the ministry and Christianity at large, which is to spread the gospel. 

You cannot be in one place and practice the belief of another place. That will be very confusing, and you will not be able to produce. 

Knowing who you are and where you belong makes it easier for you to be successful. This will also make it possible for you to be comfortable in yourself. You can’t be successful when you try to be someone you are not, or you copy what someone else is doing.

Habakkuk 2:2

When you have a vision, write it out, make it plain, study it and understand it so that you will know the direction to go. Also make your vision clear so that anyone who is around you will resonate with it.

What makes a difference with one person and another with respect to their success in God is their relationship with God. If you have formed a strong bond with God, no matter how difficult your situation you will always come out triumphant.

The vision of The Lighted Church is LIGHTING THE PEOPLE TO LIGHT THE WORLD THROUGH THE KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST. This is the foundation of who we are.  Every member of The Lighted Church will be blessed as long as we work in line with this vision. The vision is to bring out the consciousness of who we are that we might not know so that we can begin to do what we are supposed to do.

Matthew 5:15-16

We are the light of the world and we are supposed to bring light wherever we find ourselves starting from our family and to everyone around us. For light to be effective it must encounter darkness. For you to lighten the world you must understand that you are light. 

Knowledge is very key in everything we do so that we can have enough understanding to do what we ought to do. Challenges also bring out the best in you. Because when you overcome those challenges you will have the knowledge to touch someone else who might be going through the same challenges.