The I AM In Me

Exodus 3:1-15

Moses felt that he was the most unqualified to be sent by God to lead the people of Israel out of captivity in Egypt. He had no connection within Pharaoh’s palace, he was not a match for Pharaoh in any way. He had so many things that disqualified him for the job. Irrespective of all the seeming disqualification, God told him to go ahead and not be afraid because He, God, was going to be with him throughout the process. God does not give us assignment because we are qualified for it. He gives us things to do because He wants His name to be glorified through us. Whatever we do and make a God a part of it, there is no fear of failure. God enabled Moses to achieve what he had been called to achieve by taking care of all of his inadequacies.

Moses recognized that he would not be able to achieve much without God so he asked God what name He wanted to be known by during the whole process. God did not want to be boxed in by any particular name so He called Himself the I AM. God can do anything He wants to do. He can do anything you want Him to do for you. He is not limited by name or function. He represents everything that is found in the totality of the need of man. Whatever you want Him to become for you He becomes. Whatever need you want Him to meet for you, He meets. God is who He says He is and He is whatever you believe that He can do for you.

What a great assurance. God was with Moses but He now lives in us. We carry the I AM wherever we go. He lives in us to help us do whatever we need to do. He relates with us on an individual level. He relates with us the way we relate with him. He needs our faith to make all things possible. The way you position yourself through faith makes you receive from God.

Who is God to you?

  • He is your provider if you decide to believe
  • He is your sustainer if you choose to believe
  • He is you healer if you choose to believe
  • He is your deliverer if you choose to believe

There is nothing God cannot do in the life of a believer. Activate your faith and see God work wonders in your life.