Romans 12:2

To achieve your goals, preparation is essential. When the necessary preparations have been done, the transformational process will start for us. The secret to receiving God’s blessings is to renew your thinking. Your blossoming depends on it. Because it differs from God’s system, the world system places a limit on your blessings. God desires for us to learn His ways so that we may be changed. The effectiveness of God’s word may then be demonstrated. Living in accordance with the world’s system will only allow you to get from it what the world can offer, which is a far cry from what God has prepared for you. Christians have their own culture. If we are to blossom this year, we must adhere to God’s culture.

The world system says that seeing is believing, but the kingdom of God says that your faith is the key to believing, and then you will see God’s manifestation in your life. What you want to see must be believed. You must believe regardless of what you see. This will bring God’s power to bear on your life. If you adhere to the world’s belief system, you will find it difficult to work in faith, and it is impossible to please God without faith.

We are not competing to be better than the global system. God simply wants us to follow his instructions and principles in order to live an abundant life. Nothing is impossible for us if we only believe.

This life we have is Christ’s life in us. That is the Zoe type of life that will see you succeed as a God’s child.

Where science and philosophy end, God begins, because God’s ways are filled with awesome power.

We are the light that takes people from the kingdom of darkness and brings them to the light of God. We do this mainly by the knowledge of Christ in us.

It is your new mindset that will transform you into God’s frequency and position you for His blessings. Renewing your mind entails viewing life through the lens of God’s word and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit rather than through the lens of your knowledge, experience, and what the world says.