Psalm 84:11

Nothing compares to our God
His faithfulness stretches beyond the sky
His power is matchless. His ability is limitless.
He is The God of all possibilities.
In Him the word impossible does not exist, failure has no place in His dictionary. Nothing is ever too difficult for Him.
He is Jehovah.

Isaiah 30:15.
Our God is the man of war. He fights every battle and defeats every enemy. He also wants us His children to be like Him, always winning every battle and never losing any.

In this world, we are faced with various battles on regular basis and the battles are all centered on the contention over our divine destiny in God. The enemy comes in various shapes and forms and uses various instruments of warfare and vessels, either human or non-human to fight us.

But in all, the word of God said in 2Corinthians 2:14 that God ALWAYS causes us to triumph in Christ…..
This means that in every battle, provision has been made by God for us to triumph and become victorious. He made provisions and created strategies, and when we follow those strategies, we will never lose any battle no matter how tough; rather we will win and get elevated because EVERY VICTORY BRINGS ABOUT OUR ELEVATION which therefore means that every battle we face provides an opportunity for our elevation.

The Lord has made it in such a way that our TRIAL brings about our TRIUMPH and our triumph takes us to our TRANSFORMATION.

In order to face our everyday battles, The Lord impacts confidence in us to be able to face our challenges. Confidence therefore is more of action than words…. A confident person says few words but every word is powerful.

We triumph by faith but confidence is a product of faith. Though it is faith that breeds confidence, but it is confidence that truly announces presence of faith.

If you believe in your God, no challenge can intimate you and no situation can frustrate you. If you trust your God and believe He is faithful, your confidence level that you will turn out triumphant and become the best will definitely be high and that is your strength to truly win the battles against your destiny.