Christ is the foundation of every believer.

On our own we will not be able to achieve much. Our human strength will fail us every time. It is God’s enabling grace that gives us the ability to do what we need to do. It gives us the strength of will to surmount every hard situation. No matter the qualifications we have, only God’s grace takes us far.

The grace of God is available to us all today. That’s the accomplishing grace of God that works in us. We need to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. His grace is the greatest thing for every believer has. That is where all our accomplishments and success lie.

Grace is the power of God that has been made available to believers to help our inabilities and weaknesses as mortal human beings to help us achieve what our normal strength and abilities cannot achieve. It is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

John 1:16-17

We are saved by grace and we are to triumph in life through the same grace. Grace and truth came by Jesus.

Philippians 3:4-10

The grace of God will change us and everything about us. It will strengthen us and make us extraordinary people. It will enable us achieve greater things than we would have normally. It will make our achievements less stressful.

Grace works in our weaknesses. God’s grace can only kick in when we totally depend on Christ in everything we do.

  1. With grace we can never be stranded. Miracles happen to those that draw grace from God all the time.
  2. With grace we can bear the challenges of life.
  3. Every gift and talent we have are a product of grace.

Grace does not fade with time neither does is age. It is potent at all times and through the years.

2 Timothy 2:1