Matthew 14:22-33

A wonderful story of faith. What faith did before it can do again.

Faith made Peter do what he did by walking on water. This shows that with faith there is no impossibilities. And there is nothing impossible for whoever has his focus on God. As a child of God there is nothing impossible for you. Peter was a man like us but he walked on water. As at that time, Peter had not received the Holy Spirit. He operated only on his faith in God.

But as believers, we have both the Holy Spirit and our faith. So, we stand a greater chance of having everything we want done by God.

Matthew 19:26 Nothing is impossible with God. 

The above scripture can be explained in 2 folds

1 When it has to do with God nothing is impossible. If it is God He always knows what to do. He has no limit. That situation has no choice but to bow to God. 

  1. A man that depends on God, attaches himself with God, partners with God, keys into a frequency with God, nothing shall be impossible with him. We should rejoice that nothing is impossible with us as children of God 

Human beings are not designed to walk on water. It is quite an impossible situation but Peter walked on water. This he was able to achieve through the strong faith he had that since Jesus said it was possible, he did not doubt and went ahead and did the impossible. As long as Peter was focused on Jesus, water could not swallow him. In the same way as long as we focus on Jesus, difficult situations will not be able to defeat us. We can get through the most impossible situations through our walk with and faith in God.

Ezekiel 37

God brought back life to dry bones through the spoken word of Ezekiel. Ezekiel did as God instructed him and all the dry bones became life. We must begin to speak to all the dry and difficult situations in our lives.

Peter at a point began to sink in the water because he took his eyes off Jesus and began to notice the things around him. Peter changed from who he was when he stepped on the water to who he became while on the water. He was designed to walk to Jesus on water but that was not achievable anymore. He cried out, Lord save me when he began to sink because he was afraid when he saw the wind boisterous. He began to sink when he noticed things happening around him. He took his eyes off Jesus and began to take notice of the things that were going on around him. We must not take our eyes off the fact that we are to blossom this year no matter what is happening around us.

Putting our minds on the situations around us will affect our faith in God and tamper with what God is doing. We must not think about or analyze what is happening around us. The word of God and His promises must be our focus. Stop looking at the devil as the cause of your failure or backwardness. Whatever happens to you is up to you. Keep your focus on Jesus because He has not changed nor has His words changed. Only the disappearance of faith and the letting in of doubt changes your situation.

Galatians 6:9 Don’t give up on anything you are doing. Do what you are supposed to do and keep trusting God. 

What are you confessing? What you confess will come to pass in your situation. Begin to confess the right things.